How I keep up (or Reading list)

Below are a list of resources I use to keep up with what's happening in the world of (mainly front end) development.

Read it later

I use Pocket as my "read it later" tool. Between the chrome extension and Android's share feature. I can usually get any content quickly stashed away for me to check when I have time.


In no discernable order (ask feedly and OPML exports) these are the blogs and sites I have subscribed to. I will single out Open Web Platform Daily Digest as an incredibly useful daily resource.


Here are some of the podcasts are regularly and sometimes less regularly listen to:

Email subscriptions

Here are the newsletters I have currently subbed.


Here is a multireddit of the technical subreddits I follow.


Who I follow on twitter (Warning! You'll find a mix of developers and also some random stuff I like)


Being Youtube there is a definite Google flavour to the channels I am subscribed to.

Bonus public playlist of interesting content I find